Unmatched Opportunities

SkyWest is known for providing unmatched stability and opportunities for pilots. As a Direct Entry Captain, you are eligible for $40,000 in bonuses, year-for-year pay match up to a 10-year rate, profit sharing, 401(k) match, and much more. There has never been a better time to Take Control of Your Career and to enjoy all the benefits available to you at SkyWest Airlines.

When you join SkyWest as a Direct Entry Captain you are eligible for:

  • $40,000 in bonuses*
  • Year-for-year pay match up to a 10-year rate
  • Operational and financial bonuses
  • 401(k) match

Plus, you will have access to things like SkyWest’s new Guaranteed Pilot Interview Program.

*Bonuses are paid over two years based on specific milestones: $5,000 after completing upgrade LOE, $5,000 six months after completing upgrade LOE, $10,000 12 months after completing upgrade LOE and $20,000 24 months after completing upgrade LOE.


In addition to top-tier pay rates, SkyWest pilots also enjoy work rules and benefits that are the best in the industry.

  • 76 hours per month after completing Initial Operating Experience (IOE)
  • 4.2 hours as a minimum daily guarantee
  • Six paid holidays per year, whether working or not
  • 100% deadhead pay
  • Industry-leading 401(k) program
  • Unmatched GPI programs with three partners
1 Year
3 Year
12 Year
20 Year
1 Year
$141.40/flight hour
3 Year
$150.88/flight hour
12 Year
$194.02/flight hour
20 Year
$218.16/flight hour

Take Control of Your Career

SkyWest is a great place to create a lifelong pilot career. We also want to support those who are interested in other flying opportunities and are excited to provide a Guaranteed Pilot Interview Program with Delta and Alaska Airlines. As a Direct Entry Captain, you can opt-into this program and secure and interview with the carrier(s) of your choice in 24 months. Interviews are held regularly with SkyWest captains being interviewed each month.


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